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Kids are at the center of everything we do
FLEXA has been in the forefront of furniture design for kids for more than 40 years and this can only be achieved through continuous drive and passion for kids and their development.

At FLEXA we are always curious - we love to learn more about kids, their development and how we can provide the best possible environment for playing, studying or sleeping. Throughout the decades we have been creative - our ideas are our best asset, we encourage creativity and applaud innovation.

The team at FLEXA care about kids and their needs, and seek to develop high quality solutions, which care for their healthy lives and the planet.

While Kids are constantly changing, we must too - and we love change - we change as the world changes, we welcome new ideas which have the ability to improve how kids sleep, play and study.
Carsten Dan Madsen
CEO - Chief executive officer
“For the past 18 years I have been involved with high quality products for kids. It’s my passion, and I believe that we have the ability to create a better environment for kids to grow and develop in. We wake up to do this every day at FLEXA and hope that your kids will enjoy our creativity and focus on high quality solutions for the most important room in the house – their room”
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