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FLEXA furniture is surface treated with lacquer several times to give our furniture an optimal and elegant finish. At the same time it makes our furniture robust and more resistant to signs of wear and tear. FLEXA is only using eco-friendly water based lacquer and UV lacquer, which meets the EU standard for lacquer.
Quality materials
FLEXA is certified according to PEFC® standards-which guarantees that the wood used for the production of FLEXA furniture, can be traced back to responsible forestry.
5-year guarantee
FLEXA's aim is always to deliver the highest quality and safety. That is why we provide a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing defects on all our furniture. The guarantee does not cover damage to the lacquer surface caused by knocks or wear and tear.
5-year availability guarantee on our bed system
When you purchase a bed from the FLEXA Classic bed system, you buy a flexible system than can be altered and extended as and when the needs arise. We offer a 5-year availability guarantee on the current FLEXA Classic bed system, if a product is no longer in our product range, the 5 year-availability guarantee still applies from the date the product is discontinued. We will notify your dealer.
FLEXA furniture is made for children. We have carefully checked every single detail so you can safety set up your child's bedroom. For example, there are no sharp edges or corners on FLEXA furniture - they are all rounded. All beds with a sleeping height of more than 80cm are safety tested according to the EU standard EN:747:2012 by TÜV.
Natural materials
FLEXA's textiles are manufactured as allergy friendly as possible. All textiles and mattresses are Oeko-tex labeled or ecological, which is your guarantee that the products have a much higher requirement regarding the content of chemicals and harmful substances than traditional fabrics.
Colour differences
In FLEXA, we work with solid wood in most of our furniture and natural differences in colour may appear between individual differences in colour may occur. In addition, you may experience colour differences in the paint colour between individual products and wood types.
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